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The 602 Club 28: A Kryptonite Shank

Superman Returns.tsc-028-th-square

It had been 28 years since Superman had last appeared on screen and it had not been the best send-off for the original superhero. Languishing in development hell, year after year, it came down to Bryan Singer and his story of Superman returning from five years away from earth to bring the Man of Steel back to theaters.

In this episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is join by John Mills and Norman Lao to talk about Superman Returns. We open the show discussing the new Batman V Superman trailer, then talk about our initial response to Singer’s Superman film. being back in the Donnerverse, if this movie needs Superman II, the expectations of the audience, the story, 9/11’s effect, our favorite scenes, the ending, the big shoes the actors had to fill, music, production value and our ratings.


2 thoughts on “The 602 Club 28: A Kryptonite Shank

  1. I enjoyed your conversation about this film. I need to give it another watch. I was very excited about it when it came out. I cooled on it some afterward, but not to the extent that many people seem to have. I generally agree with your assessment of its strengths and weaknesses. I especially liked your interpretation of his flight with Lois – nicely said.

    Contrary to what someone (John?) said, Superman *isn’t* really “a dad” in this film. Sure, he fathered the kid, but is he going to help raise him? Is Jason going to know him as anyone but Superman? *That* would have been a really interesting story – if the parentage had been revealed early on, and we’d seen Superman have to *deal* with that, not just recite some words from Jor-El and fly off into the night.

    Anyway, a good episode of the podcast!

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