Aggressive Negotiations: A Star Wars Podcast


Who are we? Just your friendly neighborhood Jedi Masters, pondering the deep meanings and intricate workings of Star Wars. From esoteric notes of the Force, hints of politics, conflict glimpsed on the margins of the larger story, to a few of the sillier questions you’re afraid to ask, we’re discussing it all.

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ob1Master Kenobi, aka Matt Rushing

Is a grace-saved geek who grew up on a steady diet of The Chronicles of Narnia, The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, Star Trek, superheroes, then later on Harry Potter and of course Star Wars.  He has a passion for The Wars and talking about them. He enjoys comics, films, books and TV of various genres and long walks on Naboo’s river front.

Be sure to find his other online podcasts at where he is the host of The 602 Club and co-host of The Orb and Owl Post.

_sd-utjhMaster Qui-Gon aka John Mills

Known online as “kesseljunkie,” John fought through the earliest Internet ugliness, surviving flame wars, threats, stalkers, and message boards while honing his critical eye for entertainment. A life-long Star Wars fan, he was defending the prequels before it was cool to be contrarian.

He also has a real soft spot for Robotech, beer, Tolkien, The Doors, and Star Trek V: The Final Frontier.

Before all that, though, he’s a recovering sinner, a devoted husband, a complete push-over of a father, fan of the Oxford Comma, and all around good sport.