Literary Treks

Literary-Treks-Cover-2020-Under500KLiterary Treks is a  podcast dedicated entirely to Star Trek in written form. Each week myself and Chris Jones are back to explore Star Trek books and comics and chat with authors. For show notes on each episode, visit the show pages here.ParsecAwards_2016_Finalist




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2 thoughts on “Literary Treks

  1. Hello! I apologize if this isn’t posted in the correct place, I’ve been a life long Star Trek fan since TNG debuted in 87 when I was 13, and I’ve recently discovered podcasts because I was given the opportunity to work from home in March, I started from the beginning of the Orb and am on #82 I believe, Which I really love this podcasts because it gives me so many different points of view and details that I have missed. I’ve also started the ready room and a couple other trek podcasts. DS9 is my favorite series and am interested in reading the reboot books that I have heard you guys talk about, who are the authors and what book should I start with? I appreciate any suggestions, thanks again! David

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