10914967_10100531266984139_6806184047649353223_oI’m a man saved by grace and living in the light of the gospel of Jesus. You can find me @mattrushing02.  Hope you like the blog; follow, leave comments and tell your friends! Let me know what you might like to see me talk about or review.

I am the host of The 602 Club, a general geek show (this feed as two bonus shows, Snyder Cuts and Assembling Avengers) and am the original co-host of Literary Treks, now occasional guest, a podcast about Star Trek books, comics and reference books, as well as The Orb which is all about Deep Space Nine. Check out our site for podcasts, articles, wallpaper, games and more Star Trek fun. I am also part of The Nerd Party Network and do two shows there. The first is Aggressive Negotiations with John Mills where we look at every part of the Star Wars universe and talk about it the same way you to do with your friends. The second is Owl Post with Andrea Coffman and we are walking though every single chapter of Harry Potter, one chapter at a time.

If you want to know more about me Story Through Stories is my story.

Podcasts I am apart of

the-602-club-2000x2000 copy 001-AN-02-11-2018-with-words-radial-back Snyder-Cuts-Frame-with-602 30-Sept-ASSEMBLING-AVENGERS-LOGO-4-ISO Literary-Treks-Cover-2020 Webowlpostpodcast

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Dear Matt,

    My name is Beth Haggerty, CEO and Founder of Ology.com, a new social media site that is connecting fans and experts to share their passions and interests. I’m reaching out to you because myself and the Ology staff came across your blog, 42 In Between, and we really enjoy your reviews and commentary. We’re launching a film project in the coming weeks with bloggers like The Movie Blog and The Film Experience and would love to have you involved.

    Our project is called Film Riot, and over the course of five weeks, we’ll be hosting themed conversations with talented bloggers such as yourself for film fans and fellow writers. We want to connect film audiences from blogs across the Internet as we approach the New Year, and know your expertise will add an exciting element to the community.

    Email us back if interested, and we’ll send you all the details of the project. We’re excited to have you and your followers on board, and anticipate great things from your involvement.

    Best Regards,

    Beth Haggerty
    CEO and Founder
    Ology Media

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