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Happy Birthday Star Wars

It has been 35 years today since the original Star Wars movie blasted onto theater screens and turned the film world upside down. Every part of this film was revolutionary; from the score to the effects to the mythic story line, it was a fresh breeze in the mire of the late 70’s. So today I wanted to share some great articles with you of film-makers of today talking about what Star Wars has meant to them and share some of my favorite Star Wars posters.

If you have not read The Making of Star Wars: The Definitive Story Behind the Original Film by  J. W. Rinzler I cannot think of a better way to celebrate then getting a copy and reading the entire story, from George’s imagination to screen in 1977. This book is simply stunning and a must for all Star Wars Fans!

More than anything George Lucas is a visual film maker and Star Wars has inspired some beautiful and fun art work. It’s time to crank up the soundtrack or pop in the bu-ray and enjoy today and remember, “The force will be with you…. always.”

‘Star Wars’ 35th Anniversary: Jon Favreau, Eli Roth & 13 Other Filmmakers On How George Lucas’ Classic Influenced Them:

This Friday, the original “Star Wars” (or, “Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope,” if you must) turns 35. In honor of the landmark film’s landmark birthday, I asked a group of influential filmmakers — responsible for projects such as “The Hunger Games,” “Iron Man” and “Lost” — what the biggest influence the original “Star Wars” had on them professionally or personally. Here are their quite wide-ranging answers. (Oh, and some “Star Wars” drawings, at the bottom, courtesy of an eight-year-old Eli Roth.)

J.J. Abrams + 11 more sci-fi supergeeks on why they love Star Wars:

It was 35 years ago this week that Star Wars hit silver screens around the world and changed movies forever. Three and a half decades, six flicks of varying quality, two TV series and countless books, comics, toys, fan films and cosplayers later, it’s still one of the most influential cultural touchstones ever, and Hollywood’s biggest geeks still turn to it for inspiration.

Hughes the Force:

Today you can download the film for free at the website. This is a great way to celebrate the birthday of The Wars!

Hughes the Force is a film combining the universes of Star Wars and John Hughes. A passion project created by a group of friends who are huge Star Wars Fans and also Professional Filmmakers – many of whom grew up in the same home town as John Hughes. This will be a film relatable to both hardcore and casual fans alike.

Star Wars: Visual Entertainment:


Star Wars Timeline Infograph:

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Star Wars

  1. This is a great post! It’s been a few months since I’ve watched any Star Wars movies, but you’ve inspired me to pop in my DVD the next chance I get! It’s funny you posted that picture “Regrets.” I have ALWAYS wondered if that’s what they felt afterward! lol 🙂

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