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The 602 Club S4: Stupid Geek-boy Grin

SupergirlMain3Supergirl/Legends of Tomorrow Trailers.

We are gathered again in The 602 Club to discuss the Supergirl and Legends of Tomorrow trailers. We start off with Supergirl and talk about our first impressions, the look and feel, the cast, Superman’s role, the different universes of DC Comics, Legends of Tomorrow, the possibilities of the show and the importance of geek positivity.

Supergirl Trailer 

Legends of Tomorrow Trailer

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Star Wars: The Clone Wars Season 5 Trailer!



It is shaping up to be the most epic season of The Clone Wars yet. So as we await Saturday, September 29th, here is the full trailer for the series.

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Man of Steel – The Teasers

There are two teaser trailers that have been released with The Dark Knight Rises, one with Russell Crowe doing the narration and the other with Kevin Costner. As a Superman fan I can say I am elated that this film looks like it is going to be amazing. So until June 14, 2013 I’ll be on the edge of my seat.

Kevin Costner:

Russell Crowe:

June 14, 2013