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Mission Impossible: Fallout – Review

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In a world inundated by franchise films, many of them failing to live up to the hype or even their predecessors, it is truly rare that a sixth movie in a series could be a contender for the of best in the series. It’s not completely unprecedented Star Trek VI is argued by many to be the best as is Revenge of the Sith, but these films are outliers in the malaise of mediocrity that is franchise filmmaking. With this in mind, if someone had told you 22 years ago when the first Mission Impossible film was released that the sixth installment would still be staring Tom Cruise at the age of 56 and that it would be the best in the series, people would have laughed in your face. Yet against all odds, this is exactly what Christopher McQuarrie has pulled off with Fallout. It is truly one of the rare sequels that not only lives up to the hype but surpasses it.

The cast is outstanding.¬†McQuarrie has found a way to have every character in this film have a purpose, no one here is just for fan service. On top of this, Tom Cruise is like a fine wine that’s been aged perfectly, it’s hard to oversell just how good he is in this role. Plus, his stunt work is mind-blowing. His chemistry with Rebecca Ferguson is electric and she, in her own right, nails everything she does in this film. Newcomers Henry Cavill and Vanessa Kirby are outstanding. Cavill is making his case, along with his portrayal in The Man From¬†U.N.C.L.E., for the next Bond. Kirby is delightful as the “White Widow” and worth addition to the Mission Impossible universe. In fact her scene with Cruise is one of the best of the film.

There is so much that could be said about this film, but it’s best experienced on the biggest screen you can find. Mission Impossible: Fallout is a true edge-of-the-seat triller, that will have you guessing, clenching the arm rests and feeling exhilarated as you exit the theater. Go see this movie, in the theater. Fallout is rated 5 out of 5 stars.