Star Wars: A 602 Club Collection

The-602-Club-SW-1400x1400This is the collection of all the Star Wars episodes that The 602 Club has done in one place. Hope you enjoy and may the Force be with you…. Always.


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Star Wars: Brotherhood. We discuss the timeframe, the marriage, Dex, Anakin, what happened, Asajj, Ruug, Obi-Wan and our ratings.
The Book of Boba Fett. We discuss the structure, directors, Boba, a new family, the competition, Mando’s return, Grogu and Luke, the N1, Bane is back, a rampaging rancor, Cobb Vanth, the Sarlacc, the music and our ratings.
Thrawn Ascendancy: Lesser Evil. We discuss history, everything is political, superior wisdom vs forced enlightenment, Thrawn’s superpower, Thrawn’s history, the sky-walkers, the lesser evil, doing the right thing, ratings and our recommendations.
Star Wars: The Bad Batch: Season One. We discuss our excitement for the series, a big opening, the Omega factor, a certain point of view, connections, Kamino’s end, Mt. Tantiss, Crosshair’s choice and our ratings.
Thrawn Ascendancy: Greater Good. We discuss more about the Chiss, Thrawn, wagging the dog, a phantom menace, tribalism, flipping things around, the plan, taking things into account, family, the Prequel zone, our ratings and recommendations.
Star Wars: Into the Dark. We discuss, a wayseeker, the hyperspace event, characterization, Jedi of all types, arrogance, too close, Jedi and the Dark Side, Force artifacts, a backstory, a new crew, the station and the Drengir, coming in fresh, ratings and our recommendations.
Star Wars: A Test of Courage. We discuss our excitement, the Jedi, a lightwhip, why tell a story, different gifts, over and over, an inventor, comparison and growing up, J6, the Nihil, a question and our ratings.
Star Wars: Light of the Jedi. We discuss the disaster, hyperspace, the Nihil, the Republic, the Jedi, an introduction, the epilogue and our ratings.
The Mandalorian: Season 2. We discuss The Marshal, The Passanger, The Heiress, The Siege, The Jedi, The Tragedy, The Believer, The Rescue and our final thoughts.
Thawn Ascendancy: Chaos Rising. We discuss The Ascendancy, Thawn, Thawn’s allies, taking risks, art, politics and war, a benevolent villain, the phantom in the chaos, ratings and our recommendations.
Star Wars: Free Fall. We discuss our expectations, setting up The Sequel Trilogy, lawlessness, Poe’s story, fifty shades of gray, Zorii’s story, differentiation, ratings and our recommendations.
Star Wars: Shadow Fall. We discuss setting a trap, Shadow Wing, the biggest hurtle, “Empire Strikes Back” feel, Hera, Secrets, Force cults, ratings and our recommendations.
Star Wars: Queen’s Peril. We discuss a new queen, a new security team, a new direction, a concert, setting the stage, a different point of view and our ratings.
Star Wars: The Clone Wars: Final Season. We discuss our relationship with the series, The Bad Batch arc, the Ahsoka Walkabout arc, the Siege of Mandalore/Order 66 arc and the music.
The Mandalorian: Season One. We discuss the Mando, a parallel, “Baby Yoda”, Mandalorian culture, spending time wisely, the ships, the Imperial Remnant, frenemies, what didn’t work and our ratings.
Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. We discuss leaving the theater, Rey’s answers, the Dyad, Bendemption, confronting fear, the rise of Palpatine…again, new and old characters, the Sith, The First Order, The Final Order, too many reversals, old friends return, the final score and our ratings.
Force Collector. We discuss a quick questions, the timeline, the ways of the Force, something different, collecting history, experiencing Jedi history, bad parents, Force powers, the future and our ratings.
Resistance Reborn. We discuss a decimated Resistance, the power of the First Order, redeeming the resistance, doing what is right, the First Order story, connecting the dots, the finale, ratings and our recommendations.
The Mandalorian. We discuss something new, small universe and fan service, the characters, the mysteries, the look and feel, easter eggs, the music, our ratings and recommendations.
Star Wars Allegiance. We discuss all four issues in the series as well as our ratings
Star Wars: Spark of the Resistance. We discuss setting the stage, a supply run, ruining another story, Rey and the Force, Poe and Rey, a fantastic moment, characterizations, new characters, how we fight, ratings and our recommendations.
Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge: A Crash of Fate. We discuss going to Galaxy’s Edge, a whole new world, Jules and Izzy, lone ranger or posse, a leap of faith, the rest of the story, ratings and recommendations.
Thrawn: Treason. We discuss filling in the gap, playing everyone, juxtaposition, Stardust, protégé, reactions to the Death Star, the Chiss, Zahn’s contributions, the Unknown Regions and our ratings.
Star Wars: Alphabet Squadron. We discuss the cost, the pace, the new characters, Operation Cinder, tie-ins, Caern’s obsession, Hera, ships, the other story, comparison and our ratings.
Star Wars: Dooku: Jedi Lost. We discuss the life and times of Dooku, being trained by Yoda, expanding the Jedi, who he trains, Serenno and the Sith, attachment, a sad story, set up and our ratings.
Star Wars: Master & Apprentice. We discuss a master and an apprentice, a failure to communicate, the Dooku factor, Rael, lineage, mandate, Rahara and Pax, following the light, legacy and ratings.
Queen’s Shadow. We discuss expectations, queen to senator, personal Padmé, finding a faction, handmaidens, story and our ratings.
Star Wars Resistance. We discuss the set-up, the length of the show, the characters, the design and animation, the music and our final thoughts as we look forward to the rest of the series.
Farewell to Rebels. Star Wars Rebels began in October of 2014 and introduced us to a whole new set of characters who would go on to help shape the Rebellion as well as become some of the most iconic in Star Wars. This year at Dragon Con Matthew Rushing was joined by Henry Gilroy, Timothy Zahn, Bria LaVorgna and Tom Hutchens to discuss this final season and the impact of the series.
Creating Iconic Characters. This panel had an impressive lineup of guests as costume designer Robert Allsopp, visual effects artist Fon Davis, screenwriter and producer Henry Gilroy, plus authors E.K. Johnson and Timothy Zahn discuss creating icons as well as adding to already existing ones.
Thrawn: Alliances. We discuss the plot, alliances, Thrawn’s leadership, the Thrawn/Vader relationship, Thrawn’s psyche, Anakin/Padmé/Thrawn, collateral damage, the Unknown Regions, double vision and our ratings.
Star Wars: Most Wanted. We discuss reading the YA books, the good guy, the counterpoint, is money freedom, world building themes, new syndicates, the Droid Gotra, worldview, going to space and our ratings.
Solo: A Star Wars Story. We discuss before Solo, Han, Qi’ra, connections and motifs, Beckett and the gang, Lando and L3, Chewbacca, Enfys Nest, Dryden, ILM’s work, the score and ratings.
Star Wars: Last Shot. We discuss the structure, Han, the writing style, Lando, Kaasha, L3, the main villain, random tidbits and our ratings.
Star Wars Rebels: Season Four. We discuss the Mandalorian arc, rebellion links, occupation, the world between worlds, saving Ahsoka, the key, Kanan’s noble end, freeing Lothal and our final thoughts.
The Legends of Luke Skywalker. We discuss the framing device, The Myth Buster, The Starship Graveyard, Fishing in the Deluge, I, Droid, The Tale of Lugubrious Mote, Big Inside and out ratings.
Star Wars: The Last Jedi. We discuss context and history, writing 101, the characters, the “chase”, almost death, Crait and Luke battle, lost hope, humor, music, ships and our ratings.
Canto Bight. We discuss our excitement for The Last Jedi, the book’s setup, Rules of the Game, The Wine in the Dreams, Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing, The Ride, ratings and should you read it.
Leia, Princess of Alderaan. We discuss Christy’s first Star Wars book, Leia’s characterization, Leia and her parents, from princess to rebel, Kier, YA, the cost, saw, Last Jedi connections, Amilyn Holdo and our ratings.
Phasma. We discuss our excitement, a character study, history, what about redemption, The First Order, world building, it all ties together and our ratings.
Dragon Con Panel: Thrawn: Then and Now featuring Timothy Zahn and Henry Gilroy.
Dragon Con Panel: Star Wars: Legends to Canon. We cover the new canon books and comics in the saga as well as some of our favorites from the Legends line. We talk about what’s working, what’s not, our favorites and take questions from the audience.
Battlefront II: Inferno Squad. We discuss expectations, the setup, moral ambiguity, truth, hope and hate, betrayal, Inferno Squad, the Dreamers, a metaphor, focus and our ratings.
Lords of the Sith. We discuss previous books and expectations, the predators, action, Sith relationship, the Free Ryloth movement, new Imperials, focus and our ratings.
Guardians of the Whills. We discuss force religions, meditations on the force, what the book adds, the force, terrorists against the Empire and our ratings.
Lego Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures Season One. We discuss Lego, finding the Freemaker Adventures, the set up, favorite character, favorite episodes and why you should be watching.
Rebel Rising. We discuss the structure of the book, YA books, fighting the Empire, what the Empire’s like, a tangent, a metaphor, Jyn and our ratings.
Star Wars: Thrawn. We discuss our expectations, Thrawn’s character, parallels, connections, character voices, Thrawn’s equal, Eli Vanto and our ratings.
Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space. We discuss the set up, The Escape, The Snare, The Nest, what’s coming in the rest of the series and our ratings.
Star Wars Rebels: Season 3. We discuss Thrawn, Ezra/Maul/darkside, Twin Suns, The Chosen One, Bendu, Rebel and Mandalorian connections, Whitta’s episodes, hope and our ratings.
Star Wars Aftermath: Empire’s End. We discuss our first/last impressions, dive deep into all 5 sections of the books and talk about the aftermath of these books the the state of canon, plus give out thoughts about the future of the books.
Star Wars: A New Dawn. We discuss legends, a new canon, an introduction, the relationship question, Jedi relationships, proto-rebels, big Empire watching, bad businessmen, Imperials, they who must not be named and ratings.
Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. We discuss our preparation for the movie, first impression, comparisons, character, the Rebellion, Vader, some surprises, music and so much more!
Star Wars: Catalyst. We discuss Death Star legends, the characters, a giant lightsaber, the greater good, the rise of tyranny, Krennic, a surprise character, the Death Star Story and our ratings.
Ahsoka. We discuss our expectations coming into the book, the end of Ahsoka’s world, interludes, becoming something else, the Imperial way, stormtroopers of clones, kyber crystals and more!
Star Wars Rebels: Season 3 Premiere. We discuss coming into season three, Kanan and the Bendu, Ezra’s Journey, retreating, Thrawn, a sense of purpose and ratings.
Star Wars: Life Debt. We discuss our thoughts coming into this one, the Empire in chaos, the story, characters old and new the final mystery, ratings and the Rogue One trailer.
Star Wars: Clone Wars. We discuss our Clone Wars experience, volume one, if it’s still fun, volume two, leading up to Episode III, voices, being over-written and doing yourself a favor.
Star Wars: Bloodline. We discuss the heir to the Empire, being in Vader’s shadow, world-building, romanticizing the past, new characters, the rise of the First Order and our ratings
Star Wars Rebels Season 2. To start we discuss the Rogue One trailer, then entering season 2, each of the episodes, frustration, helicopter lightsabers, Ahsoka and Vader, Ahsoka’s end, having Maul back, hopes for season 3 and our ratings.
Star Wars: The Clone Wars Movie. We discuss our Clone Wars experience, the animation style, the Christophsis opening, the characterizations, Ahsoka’s introduction and impact, three teachers, if it’s Anakin or Ahsoka’s story, if it set the stage for Rey, the music, The Clone Wars Vs. Rebels, favorite scenes and ratings.
Star Wars: Battlefront: Twilight Company. We discuss another Star Wars movie, gritty, dark and real, why we fight, more satisfaction, nothing better to do, Vader, the evil Empire, heroes on both sides and our ratings.
Star Wars: Before the Awakening. We discuss if the book should have come out before the movie, if it would have effected our movie viewing, Finn, Rey, Poe and our ratings.
Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We discuss our Episode VII experiences, the new characters, old characters, abandonment, the villains, the history of a long time ago, what about R2?, humor, music and design, final thoughts and ratings.
Star Wars: The Last Command. We discuss, the end, impressions now, the smuggler’s alliance, the assault on Coruscant, the cover issue, the mountain takedown, the epilogue, with great power, universe building and our ratings.
Star Wars Aliens: Tales from a Galaxy Far, Far Away. We discuss the journey to The Force Awakens, The Face of Evil, All Creatures Great and Small, High Noon on Jakku and The Crimson Corsair and the Lost Treasure of Count Dooku.
Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. We discuss our Episode VI experiences, Luke’s new lightsaber, tale of two halves, loosing a step, going out like a punk, Jabba and Jedi, Luke’s plan, a question for two dads, the journey’s of Luke and Anakin and ratings.
Star Wars: Dark Force Rising. We discuss if the story feels fluid or crowded, Jedi training, Leia and the Noghri, Han and Lando, Senator Garm Bel Iblis, the big reveal, retconning clones, connection to the Prequels, Mara Jade and our ratings.
Star Wars: The Perfect Weapon. We discuss the feel of the book, the story, a question, more of the story, if Kylo Ren makes a cameo, more about the characters and our ratings.
Star Wars: Heir to the Empire. We discuss being back at the beginning, continuing the Original Trilogy, plot points, the Jedi path, new characters, things that worked and didn’t, wrapping up with our ratings.
Star Wars: Shattered Empire. We discuss the literal aftermath, timing and sequencing, the Damerons, Mon Mothma, story points, #WheresLuke, things we liked, didn’t and our ratings.
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. We discuss the last poster and trailer for The Force Awakens, our Episode V experiences, better sequels, the score, characters that’ve grown, the heir to the Jedi, quick things, watching order and our ratings.
Star Wars: A New Hope. We discuss our Episode VI experiences, continuing the story, the final death of The Republic, the new “Chosen One”, the spiritual side, new characters and old friends, wrapping up with ratings and final thoughts.
Star Wars: Lost Stars. We discuss our first impressions, the Imperial point of view, the character, the canon, comparisons, wrapping up with our final thoughts and ratings.
Star Wars Aftermath. We discuss the old SWEU and the the new canon, a new hope, characters, small cameos, things we liked, ask a question, the Amazon issue and wrap up with ratings and final thoughts.
The Journey to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. We talk about Weapon of the Jedi about Luke, Moving Target which is Leia’s story and Smuggler’s Run that is a Han and Chewie adventure.
Revenge of the Sith. We discuss our Episode III experiences, the end, personal themes, the fall of Anakin and the Republic, speculation about Episode VII, in light of The Clone Wars, Mustafar scene, missing scenes and our ratings.
Christie Golden: Dark Disciple. We discuss with Christie in depth the story, characters, themes and her writing process.
Star Wars: Attack of the Clones. We talk Episode II, discussing the wunderkind, Obi-Wan being like Qui-Gon, John outdoing himself, the spiral down, the love story, a vast galaxy, the dark side, plus the Batman V Superman trailer.
Star Wars: Dark Disciple. We discuss every part of the book and in the end have to ask the question, “Is this the best book in the new Star Wars canon?”.
Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Premiere. We discuss the entire episode, the big revelations, the characters, speculate and so much more.
Star Wars: The Phantom Menace. We look back at our Episode I experience, going backward in the timeline, new and old, Qui-Gon, Ewan McGregor, Yoda, symbiosis, music, production and our final thoughts.
The Clone Wars: Nic Anastassiou. Nic works for ILM and was also an editor on The Clone Wars. We discuss his love of Star Wars, working for ILM and on the show, editing with Dave and George and so much more.
The Force Awakens/Rebels Season 2 Trailers. In this supplemental episode of The 602 Club host Matthew Rushing is joined once again by John Mills to talk about both trailers, sharing our reactions, speculation and shear joy over what we have seen.
The Star Wars Saga. We discuss everything, the Prequels, the Jedi, unexplored time periods, the expanded universe then and now, the Holiday Special, Special Editions, the new films, comics and the digital releases.
Star Wars Rebels Season 1. We discuss the first season of DisneyXD’s new animated Star Wars show from inception to finale and speculate on what season 2 may hold for fans.
The Force Awakens Teaser. Thanksgiving 2014 Star Wars fans around the world were thankful for a brief glimpse at the newest episode in the saga. We discuss what we like and what we don’t as well as how we feel about the film now.
Star Wars Rebels and Episode VII. In the premiere episode of’s new geekery speakeasy we delve into the rumors and wishes for the next Star Wars installment as well as the new Disney XD series Star Wars Rebels.