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I’m a Christian Hypocrite

I was thinking about this today, because it’s a thing people say in response to not liking Christians or not wanting to be one or for leaving the faith; “Those people are such hypocrites”. Matt Chandler really says it best I think in response to that;

The good news of the gospel is hypocrites are welcome. That’s the good news, because there’s no one in this room who’s not hypocritical. No one. Whether you’re completely secular and humanistic or whether you’ve been a person of faith since… I mean, Mama shot you out on the altar. You don’t remember a day you weren’t in church. You are inconsistent and you are hypocritical. No one is clean on that. No one.

The difference between those who have put their faith in Jesus Christ is Christ’s perfection carries our imperfection so between the tension of perfection and hypocrisy we have a perfect God who says, “I paid the bill for that stumbling and bumbling. Yeah, he’s an idiot. Doesn’t that make me spectacular if I can save that dude, if I can save that woman? How inconsistent and foolish they are, and yet I can still rescue them.” Isn’t that where God is most glorified, not in saving the pretty people? So now you have this idea of hypocrisy.

Here’s what, unfortunately, Christians want to do: Christians need to know that and walk in a lot more grace and a lot more compassion with a lot more lack of “judgmentalness” on people than they walk in now, because you’re not there. Even though you might act like you’re there or think you’re there, your response to the fallings and failings of others should be patience, grace, compassion, empathy, prayerfulness, and a steadfast friendship that says, “I love you and I’m walking with you until God opens up your eyes and opens up your heart.” So what hypocrisy or lack of perfection on our way to should create in the unbeliever is a hope that God can work in them, and for the believer, it should increase compassion, grace, and empathy.

Now when it comes to addressing the hypocrisy in our lives, the way not to do it is to look at your behaviors and try to make them more consistent. Has anybody ever fallen in that trap? You start spotting places you’re not quite consistent, and so what you begin to do is you begin to work at being more consistent at behavior, language, you can fill in the blank there, but you have this area of your life. You’re going, “I need to be more consistent so I’m not a hypocrite,” and you start to kind of pour into those behaviors, pour into those modifications, pour into those kinds of things, but in reality, the battle over hypocrisy does not take place on an external behavioral level; it takes place in the heart.”

In the end shouldn’t we be thankful that went we walk into a church that we are all hypocrites, we are surrounded by them. Man, I’d hate to walk in and feel like I had to have it all together to be there. Why is it that we’re afraid to show that we’re not perfect? Jesus said, “Come to me all who are weary and heavy burdened and I will give you rest”. We cannot and will not ever be perfect. So yes, I’m a Christian hypocrite, I always will be. I’ll never be perfect or live out perfectly my faith. And honestly, thank God that’s not on me, to be perfect, to save myself. If it was, well I and you would be lost forever. I pray that God works in my heart so that I become less hypocritical and more like him. I pray he gives me grace to love everyone, no matter where they are on their journey with God, especially when they, like me have hypocrisy rear its ugly head in our lives. Thank you God for loving hypocrites because if you didn’t we’d all be lost.

2 thoughts on “I’m a Christian Hypocrite

  1. That is true, I notice daily how I often hypocritical, especially in my relationships. It’s so liberating knowing Christ loves us anyhow.

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