A Ceremony of Losses – Review

star-trek-the-fall-a-ceremony-of-lossesThe full review can be seen at Trek.fm

“The Path of Light can only be found by those who brave the Road of Storms and weather its ceremony of losses.”

The Federation stands at a crossroads. In the wake of President Bacco’s assassination, thetenuous peace between the Typhon Pact and the Federation is on the edge of a knife. With new sanctions against the people of Andor (who succeeded from the Federation three years ago) being implemented by hawkish pro-tem President Ishan, political machinations have never been higher. The future of Andor, whose people are a hundred years from dying out are pawns in an intergalactic chess match. It falls to Thirishar ch’Thane and Julian Bashir to risk everything to save Andor and maybe even the Federation from itself.


What do you think?

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