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A Ceremony of Losses – Review


“The Path of Light can only be found by those who brave the Road of Storms and weather its ceremony of losses”

The Federation stands at a crossroads. In the wake of President Bacco’s assassination, the tenuous peace between the Typhon Pact and the Federation is on the edge of a knife. With new sanctions against the people of Andor (who succeeded from the Federation three years ago) being implemented by hawkish pro term President Ishan, political machinations have never been higher. The future of Andor, whose people are a hundred years from dying out are pawns in an intergalactic chess match. It falls to Thirishar ch’Thane and Julian Bashir to risk everything to save Andor and maybe even the Federation from itself.

Wrongs darker than death or night

David Mack has crafted a political thriller that not only entertains, but like all good Trek, asks tough questions. There are times when something may be unlawful but also the right thing to do. The Andorian reproductive crisis has come to a head and the information that could save them is being withheld on all sides. Pro term president Ishan does not want to reward a people who have seceded from the Federation and on the other side, Andorian political parties are withholding information from scientists in an effort to gain political power. Stuck in the middle are the Andorian people who have, at most, a century left. This leaves Bashir with the toughest choice of his career. Does he obey the law or does he do what is right?

One cannot help but be struck with the realization that important issues are often used by political parties as ways to seize or maintain power. There is often little regard for the people being governed, leaving everyday lives hanging in the balance. Whether it is health care, national debt or any of the myriad of real-world correlations, Mack’s book strikes a chord that reverberates long after the last page is turned.


This may be a short review, but there are so many twists and turns in this book that are better left kept a surprise than revealed here. David Mack had a tough job: Write the middle book in a fivebook series. He knocks it out of the park. With the skill of the best thriller authors, Mack leaves you saying “one more page” until there are no more. A Ceremony of Losses continues story threads from the greater Star Trek lit universe as well as the recent Fall series, wrapping up some hanging threads as well as creating more. This book is not to be missed and is rated 10 out of 10 Andorian fight scenes!

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