The Crimson Shadow – Review

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When a book transcends genre, it reminds you that great books are just that: great books. The Crimson Shadow does this fantastically. The best in science fiction, as well as Star Trek, has always been about us, our struggles and problems allegorized in a palpable medium. McCormack’s continuation of “The Fall” is brilliant. With part of the story concurrent with David George’s book and the second half dealing with the aftermath of Federation President Bacco’s assasination, McCormack creates suspense on every page as the the Khitomer Accord alliance between the Federation and Cardassia hangs by a stembolt.

Second Chances

After ten years of negotiation, Cardassia is poised to break out of the past as the withdraw of Federation troops is about become a reality with the deal that Bacco and Garak have reached. Yet, trouble is brewing on Cardassia Prime as old factions push an even older agenda: Cardassia first. Cardassia grapples with the pains of doing the same things over and over again and expecting a better result, only to have the past repeat itself. This leaves the Cardassian people with a choice of saving their souls by learning from the past or annihilation through civil war or outside force. In the same way as Germany post WWI and WWII had a choice, so do the people of Cardassia. McCormack draws on past and recent history to bring us face to face with the challenges we still face today. Personally, nationally and globally, the issues are the same. Are we are own worst enemy, doomed to repeat mistakes or will we learn and change, forging a better future? This is the test that Garak and all of Cardassia faces.

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