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Revelations and Dust – Review


“The Fall” is the epic new 24th century miniseries that closes out 2013 for Star Trek Books. David R. George III had a daunting task with this first entry: 1), create the new DS9; 2) set up the series to follow; 3) continue the ongoing DS9 saga that started in Avatar over 12 years ago; and lastly, to celebrate the tenth anniversary of Emissary. The book performs all of these tasks exceptionally well and leaves readers on the edge of their seat in anticipation

Past Tense

The mythic nature of DS9’s storytelling has helped it transcend the time period which it was created and still speak freshly into succeeding generations lives. There is hardly a better example of this than DS9’s premiere episode Emissary. George uses the scenes where Sisko encounters The Prophets and teaches them about corporeal nature as a well as linear time in conjunction with where he left Kira at the end of Plagues of Night. Kira finds herself face to face with Sisko, yet it is him from the past. The Prophets allow Kira to see his first interaction with them. Kira experiences Sisko’s pain as he is forced to relive the memories of losing Jennifer.

It is in the retelling of these scenes and Kira’s newfound perspective on her friend that the power of DS9 shines through. The lessons that Sisko learns from The Prophets is just as important today as it was when it first aired. Everyone can get stuck in the past, lost in the memories of things done wrong or lost because of tragedy. It can become one’s identity and defining thing in life, ruining the future because one is stuck in the past. George does a service to all fans by reminding us of this powerful truth, all while subtly moving Kira’s story along.

Future’s End

The 24th century has been moving to a crescendo since the Typhon Pact series began. Each book has been adding a new piece to the intricate puzzle the writers have been constructing for the last [year] years. Part Cold War, part World War I, The Fall takes pieces from our own history and weaves them into a new and exciting tapestry that will leave this period of Star Trek history forever changed. The main catalyst for the series is set up well in this book (how this happens is a huge spoiler, so it will not be mentioned here) and leaves the reader with just as many questions as answers. There is no doubt that this series will have Trek fans talking for years to come.


With everything that George has to do in this book, it is amazing that he fits it all in. The plot is paced well, leaving the reader apprehensive, knowing that something foreboding is just over the next page. The book not only sets up The Fall but will probably leave readers wanting more DS9. If that is the case, readers should speak with their pocket book and not only buy Revelations and Dust, but the other DS9 relaunch books as well. Rated 9 out of 10 Celestial Temple Experiences.

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