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Pacific Rim – Mini Review

pacific-rim-box-officeJust when you thought summer movies couldn’t get any dumber, they go and do something like this…… and prove us wrong.

This is Independence Day (Which is a perfect popcorn movie) with less heart. There is nothing original here, every move is choreographed with cliched precision leaving the viewer longing for the movies this one wishes it was. The characters make cardboard look 3D. A waste of anything but an accidental happenstance on cable.

The main problem with the film is that there is absolutely no logic internal to the story. The best movies allow you to enter the world created by the story and make sense enough internally therefore letting the audience forget that what they are seeing is still impossible. Pacific Rim never allows its audience to do this. It leaves viewers facepalming constantly while yelling at the screen, “Why have you not been doing that the whole time?”

Worse than the logic of the film are the characters. There is nothing to hold onto here since they are as deep as – wait that would be unfair to puddles. The movie has been seen before a million times and done much better. Stay home and watch Transformers; you heard me.

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