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Allegiance in Exile – Review

Allegiance in Exile

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David R. George III’s new Original Series novel takes the crew of the Enterprise to the edge of the final frontier and brings introspective challenges for two of the main crew members. Set in the final year of the first five-year mission, the crew will face an unknown enemy, meet some new friends, and leave changed forever.


“I have long feared that my sins will come to visit me and that the costs will be more than I can bear.”
— Benjamin Martin

 In the beginning of the last year of Kirk’s first five-year mission, he finds his future unclear. He is not sure whether Starfleet Command is going to offer him a promotion, a new command, or allow him to retain his captaincy of the Enterprise. Throughout the year, he finds himself thinking over the decisions of the past four years. He sees his triumphs and his glaring mistakes. While Kirk has his supporters at Starfleet Command, his leadership style also has its detractors. He is left questioning not only himself and his choices, but the way in which they will affect his future.

Kirk is faced with the same problem that so may face: The way in which his choices have affected him, for good or ill. Kirk worries that his bold and seemingly reckless command style may leave him a desk jockey, rotting away with no chance at making a difference. The past can leave a person paralyzed and unable to move forward for fear that the the wrong decision will be made, but Kirk does not allow this to happen. He knows that mistakes are to be learned from and the future, though unknown, is not something to be feared. It is a powerful lesson that can take years to learn.

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