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A long, long time ago……Star Wars Returns

Yesterday is a day that will long be remembered: it has seen the end of the George Lucas era of Star Wars and the beginning of another. Disney is now the owner of the beloved franchise and is already at work, with George as consultant, on Episodes VII-IX. The galaxy from a long, long time ago is heading back to the big screen in 2015. I was part of an emergency meeting of The Observation Lounge’s first episode over at Trek.FM and I will post that link as soon as it is available.  I collected some links from around the web about the big news. What all this means only time will tell, but as a fan of The Wars I can only say this; I am excited and hopeful for the future. Hope you enjoy and it seems that the Force is as strong as ever.

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The official press release from Disney. “Burbank, CA and San Francisco, CA, October 30, 2012 – Continuing its strategy of delivering exceptional creative content to audiences around the world, The Walt Disney Company (NYSE: DIS) has agreed to acquire Lucasfilm Ltd. in a stock and cash transaction. Lucasfilm is 100% owned by Lucasfilm Chairman and Founder, George Lucas.”

On the Brink of the Future: Pablo Hidalgo

For Star Wars fans, today’s great news is seismic. The prospect of new movies invites a rush of questions as the mind races to grasp its implications. The one that sticks in my mind, though, isn’t about the movies. It’s: “Where were you when you heard?” While the temptation is to speculate wildly on what lies beyond the horizon and be mindful of the future, I also don’t want to lose track of the present, as Qui-Gon advises in Episode I.

The Long, Winding, and Shapeshifting Trail to Episodes VII, VIII & IX: J.W. Rinzler

The long conjectured third Star Wars trilogy has kept fans guessing for decades, and may even have a few numerologists working on their mysteries. George Lucas’s shifting feelings about future Star Wars trilogies have consistently clouded the picture. Given the difficulties associated with the birth of Star Wars in 1977, it’s no wonder that Lucas’s ideas kaleidoscoped. When trying to get such a big undertaking up and running and out the door, visions of the future are understandably hazy. But, as of October 30, 2012, Episodes VII, VIII & IX have been announced as real and soon to be tangible – but they’ve existed as gossamer spirits for nearly 40 years.

Hyperspace Lanes: Star Wars’ future after it’s sale to Disney: Peter Morrison

Now that Star Wars fans both the hardcore and the casual of exhausted themselves in celebration, like a 10-year old on a Halloween candy binge or an Ewok hopped up on Stormtrooper blood, it is time to take a step back and look at how Lucasfilm’s sale to Disney could shape the future direction of the franchise.

Seven Questions We Have About Star Wars: Episode 7:

When Lucasfilm announced out of the blue today that Star Wars: Episode 7 was in development for a summer 2015 release, we know that the first question to pop into your head was a confused one: “How should I feel about this?” And perhaps you’re still puzzling out the emotional pros and cons of this unexpected new Star Wars installment, which will come as Disney acquires Lucasfilm and Kathleen Kennedy replaces George Lucas as the head of the company. Still, as our initial shock settled, many more questions about the announcement popped to the fore, some of which we hope will be answered soon. Here are seven of the most pressing questions prompted by Episode 7.

What We Want From a New Star Wars Trilogy: IO9

One day ago, the idea of another live-action Star Wars movie seemed unthinkable. Now, we’re all bracing for a brand new trilogy, just around the corner. Could Star Wars: Episode VII be the antithesis of Episode I and actually restore, instead of suffocating, our love for this beloved adventure series? Lightsabers crossed, and all that.

‘Star Wars’ Will Survive Whatever Horrible Thing Disney Does to It: The Atlantic

It’s hard to know whether the number of people quoting Star Wars“I’ve got a bad feeling about this”—beat the number of groan onomonopias and apocalypse wishes in response to today’s newsthat Disney bought LucasFilm and will put out a seventh Star Wars film in 2015. Regardless, the widespread reaction among fans isn’t good. After the CGI re-releases, prequels, the Clone Wars TV show, hack merchandising, and 3D retouchings, the beloved galaxy far away is being wrung out for a buck once again.

Who should direct new ‘Star Wars’ movie? Christopher Nolan? Joss Whedon? J.J. Abrams?

Breathe, Star Wars fans, breathe. Maybe lie down a minute.

Following Tuesday’s nerd-shattering announcement that the Walt Disney Company is buying Lucasfilm, and the plan includes Star Wars: Episode VII, in early development and hoping for a 2015 release, the speculative race is on for who should direct.

2 thoughts on “A long, long time ago……Star Wars Returns

  1. In general, I’m excited. At the end of the day, no matter how many questions may swirl around them, I’m going to be excited by the idea of new Star Wars films.

    I don’t hate Disney with the passion many on the internet do (in fact, as a creative entity, I kinda *like* Disney). It’s early, but so far Disney hasn’t ruined Marvel. They didn’t stick Donal Duck in The Avengers or anything like that, and they’ve more or less done right by Pixar. So I think Star Wars, the brand, will be fine.

    George Lucas serving as consultant on the new trilogy is, I think, rather brilliant. It lets Lucas do what he does best: generate big ideas and new characters and settings, while letting someone else handle the nuts and bolts of creating a movie. And let’s be honest: I love the Star Wars saga and none of it would be possible without Lucas, but from a film perspective, many of the most loved elements of the saga had nothing to do with Lucas (ie Kershner’s direction, Brackett’s script, etc.). So having new films, written and directed by (hopefully) some accomplished creators, with Lucas adding his two cents, seems like a pretty good recipe, at least on paper, for some good films.

    I’m concerned with the state of the EU and what this, and future films, means for it. I’d hate to see these new films completely invalidate huge swaths of good EU stories; at the same time, those stories will always exist, regardless of whether they’re “in canon”. The days of Lucas personally approving every EU project are long gone, but at the same time, I worry that Disney won’t be willing/able to maintain the remarkably consistent vision and tone of the EU. Then again, they’ll most likely just let LucasFilm continue to run that stuff as they do now, so maybe little will change.

    So call me “cautiously optimistic”. And new Star Wars films? I mean, that’s just awesome. I can’t not be excited about that.

    1. Wow, great response! I think the thing I’m most interested in see is what they do with the EU, there does not seem to be a good way to make it all work with EP 7-9, but I guess only time will tell.

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