The Eternal Tide – Book Review

This is an excerpt from my review of The Eternal Tide at so check out the full review there!

Kirsten Beyer has a tall order in The Eternal Tide: How do you bring back a beloved character and not have it feel like a cheap stunt? To do this, she dips her fingers into the Star Trek mythos and pulls out something that has generally been the purview of Deep Space Nine. DS9 was the only series that seriously looked at the ideas of faith and destiny from a very religious sense. Sisko ended up being born of the Prophets and made for the specific purpose to save Bajor and lead them into a greater understanding of their faith. Beyer plunges Voyager deep into this milieu by weaving a Star Trek version of “Paradise Lost,” complete with forbidden fruit and omnipotent beings born to save.  Beyer uses these elements because the ultimate questions have been wrestled with since humans could ask, and faith has been at the forefront of trying to find answers. The rest of the interview is here.


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