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Brave – The Review I Did Not Write

I have been thinking about writing a review for this movie since I saw it. It has not gotten the praise that it is due in my opinion. I was all ready to write my own review when I ran across this one at This review says everything I would have, but much more eloquently. If you have been on the fence about Brave, I encourage you to see it and then read this review (There are spoilers in the review so be warned). Brave is the perfect family film for the summer, especially mothers and daughters; so grab the kids and enjoy a film that builds up the idea of family!

Mothers and Daughters and Bears, Oh My! Pride and Expectation in Brave:

Just in time for Independence Day, a wonderful (if spoiler-heavy) review of Pixar’s latest from resident animation guru Jeremiah Lawson. Have a great Fourth and we’ll see you back here on Thursday:

Now in its 17th year of box office activity, Pixar may have entered into chronological adolescence, but the studio is far from becoming a brazen teenager who’s unaware of the past. With Brave, the people that brought us the Toy Story trilogy–arguably the greatest film trilogy originally conceived as a story for the screen–have given us a movie that, at first glance, runs the risk of being confused with the work of a more simple-minded studio. Superficially, at least: the protagonist Merida is an impetuous red-haired princess who feels shackled by tradition and tribal expectation. It’s a set up which, in less capable hands, could result in yet another recycling of the Dreamworks’ “be true to yourself” mantra or Disney’s own set of princess-genre bromides. Fortunately, Brave is a much better film than any of the cookie-cutter examples with which it might be confused. Continue here.


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