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Owl Post 6-12-2012

Season 5 Trailer for Star War: The Clone Wars

The book is dead, long live the book:

A LOT of ink has been spilled on the supposed death of the printed word. Ebooks are outselling paper books. Newspapers are dying. “Phone books are already dead,” said James Reid-Cunningham of the Boston Athenaeum library at a conference called Unbound: Speculations on the Future of the Book, at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in May. “The days of the codex as the primary carrier of information are almost over.”

No Man (Woman, Child) Is An Island…

If you’ve seen Hemingway and Gellhorn, HBO’s most recent throw-as-much-money-as-you-can-at-it-and-see-what-happens attempt at a small screen blockbuster, I have no doubt you feel strongly about the movie. Unfortunately for HBO, the majority feel strongly that the movie stinks.

From Café au Lait to Cappuccino: A Vintage Film for Coffee Lovers:

This Is Coffee, a promotional film produced by the Coffee Brewing Institute in 1961, covers different brewing methods with classic 1960s voiceover narration. Courtesy of the Prelinger Archive, the film is a “loving tribute to America’s favorite stimulant.”

Teach kids the alphabet with these adorable Star Wars prints:

When husband-and-wife designers Emma and Brandon Peat learned they were having their first child, they decided to create an alphabetical series of prints based entirely on characters from Star Wars. This should really be part of some form of mandatory curriculum.

The kids are moving back in after college? Smart career move:

Millennials are the “go nowhere” generation. They’re spoiled, lazy, undecided about a line of work and all too willing to move back in with their parents after college. Boomerang kids, they are called — as if every time their moms and dads toss them out, they circle back to crash their parents’ hopes of a child-free life. At least that’s the rap against them.

The Best Sermon I’ve Ever Heard on Marriage:

Denny Burk preached the best sermon I’ve ever heard on marriage at Kenwood Baptist Church this morning. It was prophetic, powerful, piercing, and poetic.

The Revenue of Star Wars:

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